About Us


Reimbursement Strategies (RS), LLC provides a comprehensive range of healthcare policy and reimbursement device technology consulting services -Pre-FDA-approval and Post-FDA-approval- for emerging and established companies. We assist and guide medical device and diagnostic companies during business development in gaining an educated, competitive advantage by increasing their understanding surrounding the complexity of the insurance coverage, coding and reimbursement process. Reimbursement Strategies provides strategic and tactical coverage and reimbursement consulting services during product development and after product launch.

The firm’s core purpose is to create innovative solutions to complex healthcare technologies and services, to facilitate increased patient access to products that increase and benefit their quality of life. We combine policy knowledge with business intelligence.

We believe manufacturers must begin a strategic plan early in the product’s development cycle to enhance a positive coverage and reimbursement outcome. It is imperative to develop congruent regulatory, clinical and reimbursement tracks that address the needs of both the FDA and the payers who ultimately control the product’s marketing destiny through their policy-making decisions.