Hospital HTA

Hospital HTA is a major strategic and tactical factor in creating a positive picture of the value a Community Hospital brings to the population it serves. Hospitals are the main entry points for new technologies in health care. Medical and surgical technologies such as devices are introduced on an ongoing basis. At this time in health care and healthcare reform, the pressure on hospitals to contain costs is mounting, conversely healthcare delivery systems often lack organizational resources and sometimes the know-how to evaluate these products, especially game changing technologies and services.

Reimbursement Strategies, LLChave the expertise and skill sets to provide cost-effective, unbiased Health Technology Assessments in the clinical setting in a timely and objective fashion and to help you integrate new technologies, while working with the evaluation team (if you have one in place) or to independently provide these services for you. We provide prospective technology assessments and retrospective claim analyses to make sure those technologies have been reimbursed. We have broad and in-depth experience working with insurers, device manufacturers, hospitals and providers.

The services we provide:

  • Determine the potential impact of an emerging technology or services;
  • Evidence-based information on new and emerging devices and procedures to make the best possible decisions; Does the technology work? For whom does it work? What is the benefit to the patient & hospital? At what cost? And, how does it compare to the alternatives?
  • Custom Product Briefs that include a product overview, probe manufacturer claims, list relevant clinical studies and regulatory information (when appropriate) and offer bottom-line recommendations.
  • Emerging Technology Evidence Reports which offers a due diligence assessment that includes multiple payer perspectives (public, private & managed care), coding and reimbursement (when available).
  • Technology Forecasting and Trends Is the emerging technology purchase worth it and will it increase your patient outcomes and your value as a progressive and cutting-edge technology institution?