Provider Reimbursement

For Emerging Innovative, Growth Companies…

The Life Tech industry is facing unprecedented challenges due to economics, insurers and providers evaluating not only cost, but cost-effectiveness and patient outcomes in the near and long term. This process will become increasingly important in the current and future marketplace due to complex components involved in the transition to Accountable Care Organizations and Federal/State Health Exchanges lead by public and private payers and providers

 Analyze and Translate the Challenges in the Changing Marketplace

Reimbursement Strategies is here to help you better understand the implications of these pressures on this industry and to assist you in efficiently and effectively navigating this puzzling and challenging new paradigm.

Provider and Reimbursement Needs Assessments

The reimbursement environment continues to change across payer types and treatment settings. There is greater demand by payers, providers and patients to have manufacturers prove clinical outcomes and economic benefits of their new technology.

Reimbursement Strategies will analyze and evaluate

  • Your specific market,
  • Your product’s position and alternative technologies, if any
  • A comprehensive evaluation of policy and reimbursement assessment will include:
    • √  current payer policies, if any, coding;
    • √  payment;
    • √  sites of service;
    • √  competitive products;
    • √  coverage and reimbursement trends,
    • √  current clinical literature status and patient access to your therapy, and;
    • √  Physician’s perspective, from appropriate medical societies
    • √  Claims review (when/if necessary)

We provide an analysis and perspective on the challenges and opportunities

 related to your product’s position and access in the marketplace.